Introducing the BILAT web portal

Welcome to the common web portal of the EU BILAT-projects! Learn more about the portal and the funding database.

Update December 2017

This web portal is not being updated any longer. Please check the homepage for links to current EU-Third Country research cooperation information.

Who was behind this web portal?

The BILAT portal was a joint initiative of 18 EU BILAT projects. These projects were or still are funded by the European Union and aim(ed) to enhance Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) cooperation between the European Research Area (ERA) and non-EU countries worldwide that have signed a cooperation agreement with the EU or are in the process of signing such an agreement. The portal is hosted and maintained by the DLR Project Management Agency, a partner in many EU STI cooperation projects. The content of the database was directly provided and edited by the projects.

Who provided the information in the funding database?

The funding database was originally a joint effort of  11 ACCESS4.EU projects. These projects analysed the opening of national STI funding programmes in non-EU countries for EU researchers. The EU's Research Framework Programmes are generally open to participation from non-EU countries. In turn, the EU's agreements on scientific and technological cooperation with such countries require these to open their national programmes to EU researchers. The ACCESS4.EU projects were intended to monintor and strengthen the implementation of this reciprocal opening.

As the ACCESS4.EU projects were completed by the end of 2013, the database was migrated to the new BILAT web portal to ensure its continuity. It was also enhanced to include bilateral funding opportunities. The database was continually be updated by the BILAT project partners.

Many of these BILAT projects have been completed by now. The information on this website is not being updated any longer.

Why does the database return "0 results" for the country of my choice?

The web portal and database were launched on 8 April 2013.

For some countries, funding programmes were already collected by the related ACCESS4.EU projects, but there was a gap between these projects and the start of some of the BILAT projects contributing to this web portal. This may be the reason, why current funding opportunities may not have been added for some of the countries.

For other countries, there was no ACCESS4.EU project and the current BILAT projects had to start collecting up-to-date funding information from scratch. This information was added to the database by and by. However, some BILAT projects have joined this portal without providing or updating  programme information.

Please be aware that the information on this website is not being updated any longer.

Last updated: December 2017.

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